Jan 17

Animal Warriors! saving as many death row,abused,homeless pets as possible

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i just started this site and am not good with all this computer stuff.Please be patient.I thank you for your visits and support.Please share this site,and ask others to do the same.Make it go viral for the sake of the animals.

please check all the pages on this site.All pictures are from the past three years until now.look at their faces.Every one mattered to me and hope they matter to you too.I pray it inspires you to help make our project a reality.I am not asking for or accepting money at this time.I am asking for a promise to pay.My mission and goal is to acquire a couple of acres in Pennsylvania with a mobile home,to start a foster program for death row pets that are being killed daily simply for lack of space.i have several rescues who pull death row pets that I will be working with.Countless animals will be saved because they will only stay until the rescue finds a home,opening a spot for the next urgent pet.I cant do this out of an apartment.I am reaching out to those who truly care and can see how very needed this project is.I have failed to get my plea across using fund raisers, FB,email,etc,so I decided to learn how to create this website to show everyone the extent of my love and work with animals.If you can help,please contact me.When a money goal is reached,{under $50,000}i will ask for the funds you promised.My contact info is below.

I started this site out of desperation,i live in a horrible city,Paterson NJ,full of crime,drugs and animal abuse.There are less than a handful of people here who are truly committed to helping animals.I am doing all this with one friend,we are overwhelmed trying to do this on our own.After failed attempts trying to get help or funds on fundraising sites,i am now praying that this website gets these and other animals the help they need asap.I am trying to show you with this site,how extremely involved I am,and the unbelieveable  number of animals I care for,who need help now.I will be moving to PA as soon as funds allow,to do major work with animals,My friend will be staying in Paterson to continue caring for the street animals there.

I took every single picture you see on this site myself,i can easily prove it.With so many scams going on,i need to prove to you I am real and all these animals are real.So I offer anyone to visit our home,or send someone in your place,and I will personally take you to any or all of the locations you see in the photos to prove they are the exact same location in real life.

I simply don't know what else to do to get help.There are daily cases here.Many are emergencies.I had to decide whether to use the little money I had for bills to help a severely injured or suffering animal,and risk falling behind,or decide to ignore it and leave the animal to die in horrible suffering and pain,alone in the streets.

What would you do?

if you are capable of ignoring animals in crisis,you are on the wrong site!I am reaching out to those who genuinely care and not just say they do,neither those who sit in front of computers all day,having no clue what true rescue is about,or the toll it takes on your physical body or mind.I am not looking for,and do not need unkind words,crticism or "advice".What I urgently I need is help,from a lot of you,so I can continue helping animals.here in our own backyard.

A day job,a second job,was no longer enough.Without support from others,we are now in a serious financial crisis and don't have long to stay where we are living.I am taking courses at an online school,but it may be a year before I get a diploma to start making money.I am asking everyone who reads this to share this site so I can get enough pledges to find a place before it is too late.If you happen to have a mobile or other structure on a few acres,an hour or so from Paterson,NJ,and would like to donate it for a great cause,please contact me.I have enough construction skills to patch up an old structure,garage,outbuilding,etc, and make it liveable.I have reached out to many so-called animal lover celebrities and have not received a single response,so I am reaching out to real people like myself,who care.

i want to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you who love animals and are doing all you can to help save them.

A Very Special Thank You,from my heart,goes to each one of you that has ever helped me care for the multitudes of animals that appear in my life on a daily basis.

Thank you to all of you who dropped off and mailed food and supplies,{including those who brought me human food when i was broke!}.Thank you to all of you,so very understanding ones,who helped pay my bills and vet bills,those who took in animals i had no place for,those who helped me trap/spay/neuter hundreds of animals,those who transported pets,those who gave me rides to the vet,those who adopted pets from me and those who posted to help find them homes.{Thank you to  those who backed me up in abuse cases,when officials didnt show up or refused to do anything,and thank you to those who helped me in other matters we wont,cant,publicly discuss}

You are all in my heart,none of your kind deeds have been forgotten,i simply couldnt continue all this,without your support.

Many thanks to the no-kill rescues who pull death row pets.Thank you to the sanctuaries,and those who give dying hospice pets the best life for the rest of their days.Thank you to all who foster and to those who lose sleep posting,sharing and emailing like crazy to the last minutes the animals have to live.Thank you to those who transport and to those posting lost and found pets,to those with blogs,actions and movements who are helping animals in a big way.

This blog is intended to gather together,in one place,truly committed animal people who help animals on an ongoing basis and who will persevere to change current laws and procedures in regard to the pet overpopulation problem and animal abuse in general,{lets not forget food animals}

Please listen to the animals.they cant speak but they talk to us.Have you ever really stopped what you were doing,really stopped?and put yourself mentally in the animals' body? Have you ever felt what they actually feel?

It seems that many of us are so frantic and busy saving and rescuing them,that they sometimes begin to become objects to be dealt with,quickly finding a solution for them,since there's so very many more to deal with,right behind the ones we just helped.

      The pet overpopulation problem is an epidemic,it is getting worse by the day,and is being ignored by those who can make laws and drastic changes,leaving the few of us who care,to do all we can on our own,from our compassionate hearts,and unfortunately,our often empty wallets.

Those of us genuinely involved have little time for a normal life.After working/running all day,we run out to feed feral cats,dogs,trapping to spay/neuter;making sure their winter houses are in good condition so they dont freeze to death;or simply spend hours cleaning and taking care of the overabundance of animals in our homes or neighborhoods.

We must truly begin to feel as they do,not only on a physical level,but on a mental level as well.This is the only option.We must live what they live to be motivated into fully being able to help these animals.Every single one matters.We can no longer just look at these pets as "oh no, not another one to find a home for"!

What we are doing is not working.We must make changes.The animals are innocent.We must find legal ways to deal with their irresponsible,impulsive and repulsive owners who are directly the cause of the problem.

Together,in mass numbers,we can do this.We must find the time and energy.We must stay committed to only moving forward on this issue,never backwards.

As i type this,thousands of animals are being murdered in "animal shelters",More are suffering in the streets:hungry,freezing,tied up,dumped and left behind by owners,getting run over by cars,being abused,and so much more.Every day that we wait to "do something",thousands more are suffering and dying.

Please make a pledge to become fully involved today,to do everything you can to make a difference.It has to be more than what we are already doing.We all thought at one time,that we had already reached our limit,that we had all we could handle,but many of us somehow found a way to help even more.Some of us took a few more pets in,or found other ways to help.Fostering,trapping to spay/neuter,volunteering at rescues and shelters,crossposting and sharing pets that need help,offering transport or simply by donating to those,who need financial help to keep helping the abundance of animals they care for in their homes,or in the streets.

Time and life ran out for those who were euthanized today.We cant help them anymore.But tomorrow is another day.Lets do everything in our power to save even just one more animal tomorrow,while we work on making changes in laws so no more have to die.

i will leave my contact info for you to reach me,see i am real,you are welcome to visit the animals i care for.

please let me know you saw my post,that it matters.text,call,email.

Pattianne Pascual

an independent animal activist/rescuer Paterson NJ

animalempath@hotmail.com  973-337-3494

my facebook and twitter are both under the name  animalabusewar    i will add the actual links soon